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3rd November 2015

Guerlain Meteorites Flocons Enchantes Christmas 2015

The first sight of Guerlain’s Christmas collection every year is the real sign that the festive season is on the way, and frankly, this year’s Meteorites have excelled themselves.  They’re beautiful, and so is the packaging. Moving away from the traditional fluted tin, Guerlain are presenting this year’s Meteorites in a beautiful snowglobe complete with golden accents. The last time they moved away from the […]

24th November 2014

Gillan Battery Pouch from wowthem.com

 The post deliveries for Get Lippie arrive at my office.  My colleagues are used to random stuff turning up but nothing, and I mean nothing, elicited so many excited calls of “this is the best thing you’ve ever got” around the office as this little purple makeup bag. This is because the Gillan Battery Pouch has a little secret: Can you tell what it is?  […]

21st November 2014

It’s Christmas!

Well, nearly … To the left: Candles of Christmas future.  To the right: Candles of Christmas past And Christmas at Lippie Mansions means candles.  LOADS of them. Coming up over the next few weeks we’ll be featuring candles from Cire Trudon, Neom, Elemis, Ormonde Jayne, Rachel Vosper, SpaceNK, Miller Harris, Fornasetti and much more besides. How do you guys get ready for Christmas? This post: It’s […]

6th December 2012

Smells Like Christmas 4 – Philosophy Old Fashioned Eggnog

All this week, and next, I’m bringing you the best products to scent yourself and your home ready for the festive season. I’ve been boycotting Starbucks for years (seriously. Don’t ask), apart from twice a year, when they bring out their eggnog lattes.  I have one on the first day they’re available, and one on the last. For, whilst I loath their coffee, Starbucks is […]

5th December 2012

Smells Like Christmas 3 – The Spitalfields Candle Company

All this week, and next, I’m talking about how to decorate your home (and yourself!) in scent ready for the festive season, bringing you my picks of the best scented products around. Today is the turn of the gorgeously sharp and citrussy Spitalfields Candle Company in Orange and Clove, which is bright, beautiful, and extremely cheerful. I found that it evokes wonderful memories of spiking […]

4th December 2012

Smells Like Christmas 2 – Melt Christmas Candle

This week and next I’m showing you the best way to scent your home (and yourself!) ready for Christmas, and bringing you the best in Christmas smells traditional and modern. Today it’s the turn of the Christmas Candle from Melt, which is a blend of cinnamon, clove, vanilla, nutmeg, orange and spice, which is a traditional blend of ingredients that gives an almost “mulled” scent […]

3rd December 2012

Smells Like Christmas 1 – NEOM Christmas Wish

It’s December, and to get into the Christmas mood this year, I’m mainly scenting the flat with the flavours of Christmas.  We don’t have much of a budget for decorations, and, being the creativity-free zones that we are, scent works much better for us.  So, for this week and next, I’ll be bringing you a series of mini-reviews of the products (including candles, body products, […]