Tag: Cire Trudon

26th October 2015

Cire Trudon Gaspard Candle

The coming of winter, and the turning back of the clocks is my favourite time of the year because to me that means blankets on the sofa, better programmes on the telly, and candles.  Mainly candles, admittedly.  The arrival of the Cire Trudon Christmas collections always makes me smile, and when I initially thought the new candle was called “Gaspode”, I was delighted*.  It’s actually […]

1st June 2015

Cire Trudon Josephine Candle

Me, I can’t resist a candle at any time of the year.  I know that some people think candles are just for winter, but in this dark and damp late “spring” that we’re having at the moment, it seems like an ideal time for having candles around to brighten up the dark afternoons, and cool evenings.  Josephine, the latest fragrance from Cire Trudon (long one […]