Tag: Competition

16th October 2015

Mary Kay Autumn Collection Competition

I love autumn, don’t you? And I love autumn because makeup-wise it means we move away from the (unwearable to me) pastels of spring, and the bronzers of summer into lovely berry shades and gorgeous sludgey shades of makeup, which I always find so comforting.  This coupled with snuggly blankets on the sofa, long evenings drinking red wine, and the prospect of Christmas on the […]

22nd April 2010

Get A Movie Star Hair Cut!

I’ve mentioned my love of Cult Beauty – and the Cult Beauty girls themselves! – a few times before.  If you’ve not had a chance to look around the site yet, please do,  there’s a treasure-trove of rare, and usually wonderful  beauty items to be found on there, I’ve filled (and emptied!) many a virtual shopping basket on the site, and there’s always something I’ve […]

30th November 2009

Advent Calendar Competition

Have I mentioned Wahanda yet?  If not, I should have! I love spas and treatments, and Wahanda have a great selection of pampering treats. You can find anything from a gym session to a haircut to a full-on stress-busting spa day on their website, and  I’ve spent many a happy hour on the website fantasising about what I’d like to spend my hard-earned cash on,  […]