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16th April 2015

Amazing Cosmetics Concealer in Light Beige

A concealer so good even my bathroom clock is smiling … I don’t really use concealer. There.  I said it.  I’m really lucky in that I don’t get zits very often any more, and that was all I ever really used to use concealer for in the past.  In the last couple of years, however, sleep issues alongside ongoing health and stress issues mean that […]

19th June 2014

How to do Concealer

By Luke Picture this: You’re sat round a dinner table and someone asks what it is that you do, so you tell them, and they immediately throw their hands over their face, and whimper “don’t look at me!!”. Does that happen to you? No? Well, to me it does. This is normally followed by a whole slew of questions, a beckoning of girlfriends, and that […]