Tag: Customer Service

7th January 2015

Hair Disaster recovery with Headmasters

We’ve all done it.  Had a fit of “fed-up-ness” with our hair and gone and got the lot chopped off on a whim.  Now, I HATE getting my hair cut, forever fearing the “bad cut”, but nonetheless the week before Christmas, I did precisely what you shouldn’t, and booked myself into my nearest hairdresser (a branch of Headmasters that I’ve been to before, but not […]

15th July 2010

Dolce & Gabanna Makeup at Harrods

Dear Dolce & Gabanna, Your new makeup range is gorgeous.  Your counter at Harrods is gorgeous.  The staff on your makeup counter at Harrods are beautiful and gorgeous. And, if the beautiful staff at your gorgeous counter hadn’t been too busy painting their nails, ignoring customers and sneering when asked for service at 2pm last Monday afternoon, I might even have spent more than the […]