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10th June 2014

1000 Post Giveaway with Debenhams!

When I started Get Lippie nearly five years ago, I didn’t really expect much – I wasn’t a makeup artist, and I didn’t think anyone (outside of a very select few people, and possibly their cat), would have any real desire to read my wibblings about lipgloss.  Now, 1000 posts and almost five years later, it’s hard to believe that I resisted blogging for so […]

2nd February 2012

Debenhams Beauty Club Awards

I’m a lifelong Debenhams shopper – in my hometown there isn’t a department store at all, and the nearest department store to us was Browns of Chester, which is actually a branch of Debenhams. I spent so much time in that Debenhams beauty hall whilst growing up that eventually all the staff knew me by name (remember Norm from Cheers?  How the whole bar would shout his […]