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22nd August 2014

Everyday Essentials: Dove Advanced Hair Series – Pure Care Dry Oil

By Get Lippie I just can’t get that excited about expensive hair care, I’m afraid. Give me a £36 lipstick, or a £250 perfume, and I can justify that to myself (not so much my bank manager, admittedly), but a £30 shampoo?  Something that just goes down the drain?  Man, I have a hard time thinking about that.  Ironically, a £20 shower gel (something else […]

30th October 2012

Dove Creme Mousse Body Wash

I don’t get too excited about shower gel, as a rule – unless it’s fragranced like one of my favourite perfumes, or, well, rhubarb – but Dove offered me the chance to try out their newest body wash, and I thought I’d give it a go.  I also had some visitors over for the weekend, and I thought I’d get them to try it as […]

7th June 2012

Hot Weather Saviours

What do you mean it’s cold out?  Well, I wrote this during the hot weather we had recently, and these products were a godsend.  A godsend, I tell you.  So, there’s no harm in leaving this post as it is, there will be hot weather again … at some point … Dove Natural Touch Deodorant with Dead Sea Minerals Cool-scented with cucumber (rather strongly scented, […]