Tag: Eyebrows

2nd February 2016

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Blush Palette and Brow Box

 I don’t do much to my eyebrows (they’re tattooed on, so I don’t have to), but the Urban Decay Brow Boxes are lovely, and there’s a special edition of them for the Gwen Stefani Collection, and it’s this one in Bathwater Blonde. Quite obviously defined for people with fairer hair than I, the brow box comes with two shades, and is most suitable for dark […]

17th March 2015

An introduction to Tweezerman

Think of Tweezerman, and you think of tweezers.  Well, I do.  Just tweezers.  Well, it’s sort of in the name really, isn’t it?  You can imagine my delight, however, when Tweezerman recently sent me a parcel containing all kinds of goodies, and I was surprised, not to mention delighted, at just how extensive their range goes.  Basically, anything you need for your eyebrows and nails. […]

24th March 2013

Lippie’s Lust List #3 – Tweezerit Curve

 No, it’s not a flock of tiny glittery budgerigars, it’s actually a collection of shiny eyebrow tweezers from Tweezerit.co.uk Ergonomically designed, and extremely easy to use, even for those cack-handed muppets amongst us (that’ll be me, then), these are proving to be real contenders to my Tweezermans, owing to the easy to grip wider section nearer the tips. And they’re cute, too!  They cost £25 […]

17th December 2012

Best of 2012 – Permanent Makeup with Tracie Giles

My depth perception isn’t so great, I’m both long-sighted and short-sighted, which makes plucking my eyebrows a challenge! Especially when you take into consideration that as well as not seeing very well, I’m also a cack-handed muppet … That said, when the opportunity to trial permanent makeup with Tracie Giles came along, I did have to think long and hard about it. My eyebrows – […]