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11th August 2014

Boots Opticians and Protect Lenses

By Get Lippie I’ve been a glasses wearer for nigh on 40 years now, and, I’ll be honest, I hate wearing my glasses.  Years of being told I was an “ugly duckling” in my smeared pink plastic NHS frames (complete with eye patch for several years, to boot) as a child, followed by decades of movies and TV using “beautiful woman in glasses” as shorthand […]

1st August 2014

Chantecaille Autumn Winter 2014: 15th Anniversary Palette

By Get Lippie You have to have a heart of stone (or at least a deep, deep hatred of taupe, you sick puppy) to be able to resist the annual Chantecaille Charity Palettes.  Usually items of huge beauty devoted to a single animal cause, tigers, turtles, butterflies and such, it can be difficult to bring yourself to use them.  Out next month, the Chantecaille 15th […]

28th July 2014

ByTerry Rose Infernal Collection: Eye Powder-Kajal, Rose de Rose, and Baume de Rose Fig Fiction

It’s too darn hot right now, and when that happens, my mind always starts to think wistfully about cooler seasons, I’m not a happy summer bunny, alas.  Not to mention that I always prefer the Autumn and Winter makeup collections to the ubiquitous summer bronze (with a splash of “unexpected” blue) that we’ve been seeing all summer every summer since, well, time began. ByTerry is […]

2nd July 2014

Bare Mineral Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Hypnotic

Lipgloss isn’t something I associate with Bare Minerals very much.  Lipstick, yes (their Marvelous Moxie range is very well, and aptly named), and of course, there is their iconic range of mineral foundations and powders, but … lipgloss? Look at it.  LOOK AT IT!  Oh, those prismatic pigments, this is so pretty! And with flash, so you can see how the colour changes in different […]

1st July 2014

By Terry – Cheek to Cheek: Cherry Cruise and Tint to Lip: Pink Palace

  I’m a sucker for a stain.  Well, some stains, anyway – tea, spag bol, toothpaste not so much (I’m a mucky pup) – gimme a cheek or a lip stain, and I’m happy.   Particularly a lip stain.  I love my bright lipsticks, as some of you might have noticed, but it drives me bananas when they don’t last. Enter By Terry, with a […]

30th June 2014

Max Factor Lipfinity Revisited

Lipfinity was launched by Max Factor in 2000, but there was always something rather … nineties about them, if you ask me.  It was the brown-ness.  They were firmly stuck in that rust rut that I always associate with the late 90’s, where blush, shadow and lipstick were usually the same terracotta shade.  Get Lippie doesn’t really do brown. Especially not like this: She’s so […]

20th June 2014

Estee Lauder Double Wear All-Day Glow

By Get Lippie The BB cream craze (not to mention the CC/DD..ZZ/whatever creams) has largely passed Get Lippie by, to be honest.  After the first wave of original Korean BB creams hit the blogs, a bunch of brands leapt onto rebranding what had been rather lacklustre tinted moisturisers as BB creams, and I got totally fed up of the hyperbole, so I’ve been ignoring them. […]

20th May 2014

A Lippie Team Post – Skincare Routines

We’re planning a number of these group posts, but we thought we’d start with the basics, so here’s how the whole team at Get Lippie looks after their skin: LOUISE (aka “Get Lippie”) My skincare routine has been kind of fixed for a while now – to the extent that one of the products is running out and I’m upset because current circumstances dictate that […]

9th March 2014

Deborah Lippmann and Instagram

Did you know Get Lippie has an Instagram account? You can find us on there as Get_Lippie, you can see odd snippets of launch events, meals, stupidity, and mostly, makeup … for example, behold the glory that is Deborah Lippmann’s Ruby Red Slippers: Someone described it as looking like I’d just ripped a man’s heart out in Temple of Doom, and, as I can’t think […]

26th May 2011

Get Lippie’s Lippie!

I’m interrupting my Paris posts today to let you know some astonishing news!  A couple of weeks ago Daniel Sandler and I created a couple of bespoke lipsticks  at the Cosmetics a la Carte store in London – purely for my own use –  and yesterday Lynne Sanders, the founder of the company, got in touch to let me know that they loved the shade […]

10th May 2011

Bespoke Lipstick with Daniel Sandler & Cosmetics a la Carte Pt II

So, if you made it through yesterday’s post, then you’ll know I recently had two bespoke lipsticks created for me by Daniel Sandler and Lynne Sanders at Cosmetics a la Carte.  Judging from the comments, you’ll be wanting to see the final results (and names) today!   So, without further ado, I introduce you to my two new lipstick shades: On the left here, we […]