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1st July 2010

Guest Post: So what is all this mineral-makeup stuff anyway?

Please welcome the first of my guest-bloggers, today is the turn of  LiAnn, from Sparklecrack Central and she’s writing about one of her main passions, mineral makeup:   While the definition of “mineral makeup” can change depending on who you ask, generally it’s loose-powder makeup with minimal ingredients – most specifically, few to no preservatives. There is no government guideline or definition for what mineral […]

30th June 2010

What’s happening on Get Lippie this week OR Bye, bye Barry!

This post is coming to you via the magic of scheduled posting, because as anyone who follows me on Twitter should know, I’m in hospital right now having a minor operation.  Nothing too serious, but I’ll be out of action for a good few days. Now, as I’m cranky at the best of times, I thought rather than subject my lovely blog readers to a […]