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18th July 2011

Nails, Nails, Nails

Lots of people have been asking me about my nails recently, so I thought I’d share my new discovery!  About six weeks ago, my nails looked like the picture above.  This is what they look like now: Index finger aside (which I keep shorter for contact lens-related reasons), there’s quite a difference!  There’s also a bit of staining, but I’ll gloss over (ha ha!) that […]

15th June 2011

Imedeen and Decleor – Pre-Sun Preparation

Don’t worry, I think I’ve only got one more of these holiday themed posts to go! I mentioned on Monday that I suffer from prickly heat, and I’m worried about it happening again, so have invested a small fortune in sun allergy sun protection.  Well, I’m also taking some preventative steps in advance: Firstly, I’m taking Imedeen’s Tan Optimizer supplements, and have been for the […]