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13th December 2015

LipsNspritz 13 December 2015

I really enjoyed this week’s #LipsNspritz, thanks to making a stupendous discovery about Shalimar that I’ve always missed before.  Sometimes having a “before” nose and an “after” nose thanks to my anosmia and my parosmia has it’s blessings!  Anyway, more about that when I get to the Thursday part of today’s post. Monday was Aesop Marrakech Intense with Lanolips Apples.  I love the peppery-spicy rose […]

28th April 2013

Lipsticks of the Week: Soft Reds

   It’s been a red kind of week, but I couldn’t face my usual bright “in your face” kind of shades, so softer, gentler, easier-wearing kinds of reds (and a pink) have dominated my look this week: From left to right we have: Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter in Red Velvet – I’ve largely ignored the Revlon Lip Butter hype, as the colours have all been […]

14th June 2012

Review: Lanolips Golden Ointment

I make no bones about the fact that I’m a big fan of Lanolips, I own every shade they have of the coloured balms, and I use the 101 Ointment very regularly too.  I’m not plagued with particularly dry skin on my body (I don’t even use body lotion – sorry!), so it’s taken me a while to get around to trying the Golden Ointment, […]

28th February 2011

Lanolips – Now in Boots

(l-r: Rose, Rhubarb, 101, Dark Honey, Apples)  I popped along to Boots on Oxford Street last week, and noticed they now have Lanolips in store. They’ve been available on Boots.com for a couple of months now, but  it’s good to see them in-store finally. Even better, they’re currently on 3-4-2, so it was an ideal chance for me to pick up a couple or three […]

14th February 2011

Reader Request – Handcreams

Well, it is Valentine’s day, so I’m hoping all my readers will find at least one person they’d like to hold hands with today, so here’s something to make sure your paws will be at their smooth best.  Now, I’ll be honest, I don’t use much in the way of handcreams – my hands aren’t particularly dry, as a rule, and I’m blessed with good […]