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7th April 2014

The Reluctant Lippie – Part One: Nudes

 By Laurin Despite being born during the Carter Administration, I’ve never really considered myself a grown-up. Grown-ups don’t buy their jewellery from H&M. They make well thought-out grocery lists on Saturday morning, and they have buildings insurance. They don’t anguish over maudlin 90’s music about what they want to BE when they grow up, because that’s what they already are. I, on the other hand, […]

7th March 2010

Makeover: Isobel

Another very quick makeover this week, featuring the lovely Isobel, who came to visit Chez Lippie recently. Meet Isobel: Isobel wanted a very simple evening look.  One that looked polished, and elegant, but that wasn’t too dramatic.  We had a chat about colours, and discovered that muddy purples were the order of the day. As ever, we start with the base.  Now, Isobel is 60 […]

25th December 2009

Smokey Eyes – How I do it

Lots of pictures here, and not too many words, merry Christmas everyone!   Applying a colour wash – Mac Dovefeather Defining the crease – Laura Mercier Twilight Powder Lining – Laura Mercier Twilight Lining the lower waterline – Laura Mercier Twilight (considering botox, priceless) Applying Mascara – Lancome Hypnose Drama Deciding I need liquid liner – Make Up Forever purple Applying blusher – Cargo Plant […]

4th October 2009

Makeover: Kate

It’s Sunday, so that means only one thing here at Get Lippie HQ, it’s makeover day!  I love makeover days, the anticipation (and worry) about what kind of look I’m going to give my wonderful volunteer, and the satisfaction when my model disappears afterward looking pleased and happy with the results gives my heart a little lift. I ask all my lovely volunteers to bring […]

6th September 2009

Products I love – Updated!

For those of you who followed my last blog, you’ll know that the original of this post (below!) was written the best part of five years ago … how time flies! So I’m going to update the post, and see what’s been replaced, and what’s still going strong. I’ll be doing a separate list of my new favourites later. Kerastase Dermo Calm shampoo – Simply […]

29th January 2009

Products I Love

There are so many cosmetic products out there these days, that products don’t really need to stand the test of time, there is always the latest “wonder product” to replace things with. For me, the test of whether a product is any good or not is “Will I buy it again?” and, in the vast majority of cases, the answer quite simply is no. Luzzegain […]