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31st October 2012

Current Skincare – Night & Day

I’ve been ill recently, necessitating a more than a couple of hospital trips, and it means I need a small procedure later on in the year. It’s nothing too serious, but the feeling of being more rundown than usual has been showing in my skin, and as a result I’ve had to break out some of the big guns in my skincare arsenal.  Far from […]

28th May 2012

Le Belle Natural Skincare – Oil Cleanser

I do love the Natural and Organic Product show, every year I visit and discover something that I fall a little bit in love with.  Last year it was Konjac Sponges, and this year it’s a cleanser from le Belle natural skincare. I’m naturally biased towards oil cleansers anyway, having been a sufferer from adult-onset acne for many years, and making the discovery that oil-based […]