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3rd April 2012

Makeover: Sharon’s Wedding.

It’s been ages since I did a makeover, eh?  Well, this one is from a while ago too, but I thought I’d show it to you now.  Sharon’s appeared on the blog a couple of times since it started, and she’s a good friend, so, when she asked me to do her wedding makeup last year, I couldn’t really say no.  Then, when I found […]

2nd May 2010

Makeover: Laura

Laura got married yesterday, but way back in February she asked me for some ideas for her wedding makeover.  Here’s what we came up with. Please welcome Laura: Laura was a little too young to remember Prisoner Cell Block H, hence the rather cheery “before” pic this week.  As always we start with the foundation.  Laura is very pale (and yet had been recently colour […]

18th April 2010

Makeover: Helen S

 Gosh, it’s been a few weeks since I posted a makeover, I’m really sorry! I hope you’ll all make Helen very welcome, she’s a great friend of mine, and we’ve been makeup shopping A Lot over the years. Mainly because it took me a very long time to cure Helen of her frosted mauve lipstick fetish …. Here she is, all fresh-faced, and only slightly […]

7th March 2010

Makeover: Isobel

Another very quick makeover this week, featuring the lovely Isobel, who came to visit Chez Lippie recently. Meet Isobel: Isobel wanted a very simple evening look.  One that looked polished, and elegant, but that wasn’t too dramatic.  We had a chat about colours, and discovered that muddy purples were the order of the day. As ever, we start with the base.  Now, Isobel is 60 […]

28th February 2010

Mini Makeover – Genna

No time for a proper makeover this week – genuinely things are INSANE here at Get Lippie at the moment, but normal service will be resumed soon, I promise! Last time Genna appeared on this page, we turned her into a California beach babe:   This time, something a little more traditionally glam: A smokey eye with a nude lip.  I used a pink Milani […]

7th February 2010

Makeover: Rebecca

I recently put out a call on my blog for volunteers for makeovers, and the lovely Rebecca from Le Salon de Beaute had volunteered almost before I’d finished writing the post!  Take a look at her blog if you get a chance, it’s a lovely one, and I’m a big fan. Anyway, this is Rebecca refusing to give me her best “Prisoner Cell Block H” […]

24th January 2010

Makeover: Helen H

I love Sundays at Lippie Towers, every week there’s a different person here for a makeover, and it’s always fun figuring out how a person wants to look, and seeing if I can recreate that look for them.  Please meet Helen: Two Helens in two weeks!  Helen is a very pretty girl, who wanted to learn more about applying foundation, and using colour.  As you’ll […]

10th January 2010

Makeover: Helen

Ah … back in the makeover swing of things after the Christmas break, it’s nice to have them back! Please welcome Helen, here she is giving it her best “Prisoner Cell Block H” pose: Helen wanted a very simple, daytime look that she could easily replicate herself, that would make her look more “polished”.  We picked some nice, neutral shades to suit her skin-tone, and […]

7th January 2010

Help, I need somebody!

So, Get Lippie is about to stage her second round of makeovers, would you like to be involved?  Send an email to louise@getlippie.com explaining what your particular beauty concern is – just a sentence will do! – and I’ll see if I can help.  Lucky volunteers will be featured on the blog. Applicants must be over 18, be available in (or be willing to travel to) […]

25th December 2009

Smokey Eyes – How I do it

Lots of pictures here, and not too many words, merry Christmas everyone!   Applying a colour wash – Mac Dovefeather Defining the crease – Laura Mercier Twilight Powder Lining – Laura Mercier Twilight Lining the lower waterline – Laura Mercier Twilight (considering botox, priceless) Applying Mascara – Lancome Hypnose Drama Deciding I need liquid liner – Make Up Forever purple Applying blusher – Cargo Plant […]

20th December 2009

Makeover: Kerry

After a bit of last minute confusion with one of my other volunteers, the lovely Kerry stepped in to have a makeover, and I’m glad she did, as this is one of my favourites! Meet Kerry: Kerry is really very pretty already, with enormous green eyes.  Sometimes Kerry thinks she looks a bit young (never an issue as far as I’m concerned!) so was looking […]

17th December 2009

Competition Entry

I’m entering MizzWorthy’s “Think outside the box” competition today, so here’s my entry (again, the photos aren’t fantastic, but I was rushing this and trying to give myself a facial ready for my work Christmas party tomorrow!) It’s not my greatest work, but I was trying to show one very precise look, an one slightly destroyed look at the same time: Whaddya think?