Tag: Rococo

29th June 2010


Sometimes, I can’t help gilding the lily: Had a perfectly good Rococo Utility manicure, and I went and added a layer of Inglot flakies to it, and ended up with this hideous mess. Both gorgeous shades on their own, added together just made me feel all “urgh” about it! Have you ever made any terrible errors of combination?

8th December 2009

Nail of the Day – Rococo Vayder

If you follow me on Twitter at all, then you might already know I’ve fallen for Rococo polishes in a big way.  Yes, they’re expensive, but all the ones I’ve tried are so pretty, and the wear on them is simply fantastic, usually at least five days without any signs of tip wear or chipping.  Here’s my latest purchase: It’s called Vayder and it’s an […]

20th November 2009

Nail of the Day – Rococo Utility

Saw this in SpaceNK yesterday, and kind of fell in love with it!  Grey isn’t a colour that normally appeals, but this is a great shade with hints of blue and lilac, not to mention some really lovely packaging. I tried this on one thumb and NARS Rouge Andalou on the other, but this was the one I couldn’t take my eyes off for the […]