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2nd May 2016

Finishing Touches (#LipsNspritz) of the Week 2nd May 2016

 Bright reds and dark berries, plus one glorious pink this week, alongside some classic fragrances too. Top left were the gorgeous white flowers of Narciso  For Her, which is a fragrance I love a great deal, and could even smell it slightly through my parosmia last year, which always grants a special place in my heart for a fragrance. I wore this on Friday with […]

27th February 2013

Rouge Baiser Mademoiselle Authentique 304

The odds on my going to Paris at any time and coming back without any beauty purchases are slim.  Having just got back from Paris (have I mentioned I’ve been in Paris?  If not: I’VE BEEN IN PARIS) I’ve got a couple of things to show you. This is a lipstick from Rouge Baiser, which is a France-only brand, and, in this increasingly homogenised planet, […]

6th December 2011

Paris Purchases- Rouge Baiser Mademoiselle Authentique 302 Lipstick

I don’t think it’s legal to come back from a trip to France without a lipstick as one of your souvenirs.  Well, if your blog is called Get Lippie, you kind of have to, don’t you?  And, if it’s France, well, that lipstick has to be red. I spotted the Rouge Baiser lipsticks on our last trip to Paris, and had been kicking myself ever […]