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18th July 2013

Hot Weather Helpers

Knowing my luck, by the time you read this, the weather will have broken, and we’ll have been plunged back into the perma-winter we’ve known this entire year.  In which case, please accept my sincere apologies, and hopefully this will come in handy for the four days of summer we’re likely to get next year …  I’m addicted to sprays in the summer, and two […]

13th June 2012

Review: Suti Purity Balm

This is a little pot of gorgeous.  After my unfortunate skin-burning accident recently, I was lucky enough to be contacted by Suzannah Jenkins of Suti, and she suggested that their Purity balm might be able to help.  She was right, and I’m very grateful. Suti is a British brand, produced in partnership by Suzannah and her business partner Tina Steadman, together they aim to bring […]

7th June 2012

Hot Weather Saviours

What do you mean it’s cold out?  Well, I wrote this during the hot weather we had recently, and these products were a godsend.  A godsend, I tell you.  So, there’s no harm in leaving this post as it is, there will be hot weather again … at some point … Dove Natural Touch Deodorant with Dead Sea Minerals Cool-scented with cucumber (rather strongly scented, […]