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14th October 2016

Mugler Alien Candle

  Finally, the nights are drawing in, and we have perfect candle weather!  I love candles, own hundreds, but this Saturday was the first night we’ve lit a candle in the new flat, and we’ve been here nearly six months now! And what a one to start candle-season off with.  Recently released by Mugler perfumes, this Alien-scented candle is a joy.  I love Alien, with […]

2nd May 2016

Finishing Touches (#LipsNspritz) of the Week 2nd May 2016

 Bright reds and dark berries, plus one glorious pink this week, alongside some classic fragrances too. Top left were the gorgeous white flowers of Narciso  For Her, which is a fragrance I love a great deal, and could even smell it slightly through my parosmia last year, which always grants a special place in my heart for a fragrance. I wore this on Friday with […]

19th January 2015

New Year, Old Me

By Tindara: Happy New Year! If you’re anything like me you will be utterly bored with all the “New Year New Me” nonsense and be wanting to shove anything “detoxing” up the jacksie with a rolling pin. At least, I think that’s what they’re recommending; I tend to switch off after someone mentions a detox. Instead, I’ve decided to do the exact opposite and track […]

23rd September 2013

Mugler Cologne by Thierry Mugler

I’m in a funny kind of limbo at the moment, summer is most definitely over, autumn is well under way, winter is approaching on the horizon, and yet here I am preparing for my “summer” holidays.  We delayed our honeymoon quite considerably (the wedding was in February), and there’s still the best part of two months before we go away, so I  have a kind […]

1st February 2011

Project Perfume – First update featuring Chanel, Guerlain and Thierry Mugler

So, the first month of Project Perfume has gone stonkingly well, I’ve sniffed around 20 new perfumes, swapped out some old perfumes (and, some newer ones I didn’t like), and sat with Linda Pilkington of Ormonde Jayne for a “perfume portrait”.  Plus, I’ve discovered some new perfumes I absolutely adore.  Here are the highlights of my month. On my Project Perfume page, you can see […]

29th July 2010

Review – Thierry Mugler Womanity

Caviar.  It’s always the first thing that occurs to you when you think of how a woman smells, isn’t it? No?  Well, in spite of it’s much touted “figs’n’caviar” reputation, it won’t be the first thing you think about when you sniff Womanity, either, don’t worry.  Neither will figs, actually, but more about that later. The first thing I think about when I smell Womanity […]