29th September 2009

Tiny placeholding post …

By Get Lippie

Just a heads up to let you know my URL has changed to http://getlippie.com.  It won’t make any difference to you guys, but it made my inner geek happy today!

Unlike GOSH Darling lipstick, which I bought this afternoon.  It makes me look like death.  DEATH, I tell you. Worse than DEATH, in fact, look:

(apologies for the quality of the appalling iPhone picture)

Hmn, actually, that picture makes it look almost acceptable!  Trust me, in the flesh, it looks like I’ve had a nasty accident in a lard’n’chalk factory. I think it’s because my lips are quite highly pigmented naturally, and beige-ing them out just makes me look ill.  For me, this shade is instant zombification.  Inna stick. This is a very pale pinkish beige, and it’s just far too cool a shade for me, I err on the side of caramel when it comes to “nude” shades. So, my search for the perfect nude lipstick goes on, can you make any recommendations? I will say this for it though, it feels more like a balm than a lipstick when you’re wearing it.  This is based on approximately 45 seconds wear though.

If you’d like the lipstick – I know it’s a really popular shade for other people – please let me know in the comments. I bought it today, applied it once with a lipbrush, and fell into instant HATE.  Doesn’t happen often, but I always kick myself when it does.