30th December 2009

Ellis Faas – the haul!

By Get Lippie

Courtesy of the lovely, lovely LondonMakeUpGirl these arrived today, and I’m delighted!  I’d ordered two eyeshadows and a blush a couple of weeks ago, and after a slight snafu with the order courtesy of the Ellis Faas online shop (which was very quickly and most courteously sorted, bless their cotton socks!) it’s taken a while for them to get here.

I love the entire ethos behind Ellis Faas, innovative products innovatively designed and packaged, made to suit everyone. All the colours are based on natural colours you’d find in the human body, but that doesn’t mean it’s all beiges and browns, there are reds, purples, oranges, blues and greens.  And beige, and brown …

But onto the products, that’s why you’re all here, innit?  I love the packaging, even if people occasionally think I’m carrying around “intimate objects” for midgets … basically, all the products are cream-based, and depending on which part of the face they’re for, they either stay glossy and creamy (the lip products) or dry to a flattering powder (eye and skin).  The packaging is based on bullets:

Onto the swatches, I ordered Milky Eyes (the sheerer eye formulation) in E208 – a pinkish-orange coral shade, Creamy Eyes (the more matte eye formulation) in E105 – a purplish brown, and the blush in S302, which is a beautiful slightly shimmery coral colour:

Without flash:

With Flash:

I have to say that the picture with the flash is more true to the actual colour of the products.  I do have one issue with Ellis Faas and that is that the online swatches are dreadful, these colours (beautiful though they are) aren’t quite what I was expecting from the online shop.  Online they look pinker, but I suggest you hang on till you can see them in the flesh before buying – they’re launching at Liberty in February, and both Grace and I will be in line for more!

I’ll bring you a FotD with these products soon, I can’t wait to use them properly!  I already have two of the lipsticks, and I know they’ll both work with these colours!