14th February 2010

Valentine lip colour

By Get Lippie

Mr Lippie and I went out for dinner last night, and this was the make up look I created for the occasion (forgive the crappy iPhone pic):

It’s a very clean and simple look, consisting of foundation, blusher, some black eyeliner and mascara, and, of course, a red lipstick. A couple of people asked me what the lip colour was, and it’s something I mixed up myself from some Bourjois Hi-Tech lipstains, specifically, these two:

 85 – Irresistible Currant – a cool fuschia shade, and 86 – New Caramel – a neutral brown.

I use these a lot, and I love them a great deal, they’re water-based stains that last and last, and feel feather-light on the skin. I find them much easier to use, and far more flattering than, say … Benetint, for example. Swatched individually in one layer on the skin, they look like this:

Swatched together in one layer on the skin, they look like this:

This is a nice sheer cherry-red suitable for daytime wear, which I use often as a base layer for brighter, or stronger reds, but I wanted something a little more dramatic last night, so I used two layers of each, which looked like this:

Nice shade, and one that lasted very well against an expensive meal and several drinks …

Do you mix your own colours?  What do you use?