27th March 2010

Upcoming on Get Lippie

By Get Lippie

I’ve got quite a few things coming up, I thought you  might like a little heads up!

For the past couple of months, I’ve been working on collecting interviews with women I admire, who I think are doing interesting things in the beauty industry! Tomorrow, I’ll be kicking off my little series with a small portrait of a woman I think a lot of beauty brands could learn a few things from …

I was at The Vitality Show recently, and I was lucky to meet and chat to some wonderful people with some really interesting-sounding (organic!) products, I’ll be bringing you reviews, interviews, and more from some of the following:
100 Percent Organics
Lucy Russell Organics
Antonia Burrell

I spent some time at Being Content recently too, and picked myself up a truckload of samples, so I’ll be looking at brands such as, Amala, Dr Alkaitis, Absolution, Stem Organics, Inlight and Jurlique, some reviews will be in-depth, some will just be impressions based on the sample-size, but they’re all interesting brands that deserve a better look, so if you get a chance to pop along, do go!  Imelda is very friendly and chatty, and you’ll leave with a new impression of organic skincare, it’s not all hand-knitted by muesli-wearing hippies, you know!

I’ve been trialling Mir Skincare for a while now, so I’ll be reviewing that in-depth very soon!

I had lots of requests for lip-swatches, so I’ll be working on those later today …

In response to a reader-request, I’ll be talking about my favourite highlighters, and sharing what I think might be my Holy Grail product – best of all, it came from Boots!

MrLippie is going to be sharing his thoughts on an aftershave, which could be interesting, seeing as he never wears it …

Oh, and there will be all the usual rantings and ramblings, FotD and swatches you’ve come to know and love/dread (delete as applicable) complete with my signature terrible photographs!