8th April 2010

Great Customer Service?

By Get Lippie

Let’s face it, sometimes beauty counters aren’t places where we can particularly expect good customer service, are they?  From the pushy-pushy OFLs (Orange-Faced Ladies), to the OFLs who treat you like a criminal for daring to even look at their products, to the OFLs who just want to “warm you up a little”,  and then there are the ones who just ignore you and chat amongst themselves, the ones who make you look like drag queens, the ones who want you to join them on the Orange side, the ones who recommend colours your granny wouldn’t be seen dead in, and the ones who insist your colouring is warm when it’s actually cool (and vice versa) they’re all irritating.

But very little is more irritating than being sold a dud product (we’ve all done it, bought something to get away) and then not being able to return it once it’s left the store.  Until I wised myself up, and learned to stand my ground, I bought more orange foundations and too-pink lipsticks  than I could count, and I was always, but always just stuck with the useless things.

Which is why this is a nice post to write because on Tuesday night I popped into Givenchy at Debenhams and bought a couple of their limited edition Parad’eyes  No5 Poetic Lavender (singularly misnamed, as it’s black with gorgeous blue spangles in it) and No 9 Nude Impression (which is a nude shade, with white and gold spangles in it).  However, when I got home, I discovered I’d actually been given No 6 Pearl (I didn’t know the names of the shades until, of course, AFTER I’d checked).  Now, this might not have been such a bad thing, but No 6 was pink.

Baby pink liquid liner.

Seriously, a lovely way to make yourself look like you have an eye infection, don’t you think?  Unusable, if you ask me, plus I look like DEATH in pastels of any description anyway.  I was dreading taking it back.  Cosmetics companies are notoriously crap at accepting returns – even on unused, still in the shrink-wrap products – and I was expecting to be turned down flat.  I was very pleasantly surprised, the SA took the blame completely (remembering my purchase of the previous evening, to boot) and swapped the products over without a murmur, or accusation of being too pale, even once. I was, it has to be said, gobsmacked.

So thank you nameless – and shame on me, there – Givenchy counter assistant at Debenhams Oxford Street, your good service is much appreciated!

Swatches and a FotD will follow, the Parad’eyes liners are really gorgeous, even if the package is a bit … well, stupid.