3rd May 2010

Armani Nude Contrast Palette – FotD

By Get Lippie

New for this summer, Armani have released two nude contrast palettes, one pink, one blue.   I was very lucky to have been sent the blue one to try recently.

That said, some of you will already know of my dislike of pastels – in particular pale blue – and find those sorts of colours impossible to wear, so this one was rather a challenge for me!

The palette consists of stripes of pale blue, a beautiful shimmering “old gold” shade, a thin strip of jet black, and a pure white highlight, this picture shows off the shimmer in the gold shade better than the one above:

 Blue and pure white are difficult shades for me to pull off with my (very) pale olive skin, but here’s what I came up with:

I used the white as a brow-highlight, the gold as a colour-wash all over the mobile lid area, the black as a liner, and the blue to highlight the inner corner. Mascara is Lancome Precious Cells, and the lipgloss is Lancome D’Absolou, I’m also wearing a hint of Cargo Plant Love Illuminator in Wind on my cheeks.

What this picture doesn’t show is that I gave myself a double-flick of eyeliner, here’s a close up:

I thought it was a good way to make this a little different to my normal liner.  The Armani palette is very nice, and of beautiful quality, it has definitely made me want to discover more about the brand, I can’t deny it!

The black is very densely pigmented, it makes a great eyeliner, and doesn’t have a grey cast on the skin. It stays very black, I’d have liked a wider strip of it in the palette, actually. I absolutely love the sandy gold shade, it’s beautifully shimmery – with an almost holographic sheen – which makes it very beautiful.  However, I’m not entirely sure I’ll be using the blue or white again, I kept getting glances of myself whilst I was wearing this (ok, I was looking at myself, I’ll admit it), and all I could see was the pale blue, and it wasn’t flattering!

How do you wear pastels?

Armani Nude Contrast Palettes are available from Selfridges and costs around £39.

The Small Print: This was sent to me for review purposes.  Gotta love a PR with a sense of humour 😉