27th May 2010

Review – Lancome Climat

By Get Lippie

Scouting around trying to find myself a bottle of Cuir de Lancome in Selfridges (I was offered O de Lancome five times, but no matter), I came across this little beauty.

First released in 1967, it is described as a floral aldehyde, and was re-released by Lancome a couple of years ago.  I find it beautiful, it’s very feminine – even ladylike – but it’s another scent that’s sweet without being candy-ish, and floral without being too single-note.

On first spraying, it’s a very scent-y kind of scent, it reminds me in a dim and distant kind of way of Chanel No19. It’s a classic fragrance in that sense, calling to mind boudoirs, and negligees and wedge-heeled mules.  And yet, when it dries down, it’s powdery and warm, a little comforting, and lingers close to the skin.  It’s old-fashioned, almost, in it’s powdery-ness, but it’s intimate and lovely, and it’s been a fine addition to my perfume wardrobe.

Climat costs £38 and is available exclusively from Selfridges.