24th June 2010

Ellis Faas: Ellis Eyes Lights Eyeshadows FotD

By Get Lippie

As you may know, my birthday treat to myself was a couple of Ellis Faas Ellis Eyes Lights shadows. I created a FotD with E305 – a rich burgundy brown with amazing green duochrome – at the time, but I’ve since got around to wearing the E304 – a shimmering lilac metallic – and this is how it looked under a variety of lighting conditions:

As you can see, depending on the lighting conditions it can look very different. Also, depending on the angle you’re looking it from, it can appear very sheer with a hint of sparkle, or a vibrant lilac shade, accordingly.  For me, in all honesty, I actually find it a slightly easier shade to wear than the E305, possibly because I like to play up the green tones in my eyes, and this is an excellent vehicle for that.

It’s maybe not entirely suitable for office wear, but that’s never stopped me wearing glitter for work before, to be honest! I teamed it with a taupe eyeshadow in the crease alongside my beloved Guerlain Oriental Metal kohl, and a very nude lip (Becca’s Giselle topped with Le Metier de Beaute’s Manhattan gloss), here’s how it looked in the full context of my face:

Yeah, my hair looked insane in the full picture, so I had to crop  it out, that’ll learn it.

The Fine Print: Bought them!  Nyah Nyah!!