30th July 2010

Lifesavers! Bath products for the shower …

By Get Lippie

No, I haven’t gone insane, I just haven’t had a bath for a month.  I really, really, really want a bath. I love baths, and have been known to spend several hours in there, just floating, reading, relaxing, and chilling, really.  They’re where I go when I need a little respite from the daily grind (and they’re where I can hide from MrLippie – don’t tell him) Occasionally, I even, you know, clean myself in there too.  Showers simply don’t compare.  In fact, whilst I’m being honest, I shall admit that I find showers rather unpleasant. Purely a necessary evil, as far as I’m concerned.

So, having spent the last month confined to showers only (and quick showers at that), has been a trial for me.  I love my luxurious bath oils – Ren Rose Otto is still a world beater as far as I’m concerned – and I miss my “me-time”.  I’ve been avoiding shower gels during my bath-prohibition, as I can find them a bit drying and, the thought of itchy skin combined with healing scars after my operation still makes me wince a little bit!

So, I’ve been delighted to find that Aromatherapy Associates bath oils can be used in the shower too.  At a cost of £26.50 (£2.95 each, more than comparable to a Lush Bath Ballistic, for example) these are completely luxurious to use in the shower as the scent is amazing, and you still get clean.  To use these as shower oils, you simply rub them over your (dry) skin, prior to getting into the shower, and then rinse off as normal with your shower instrument of choice.  There are nine scents in the box, and my own personal favourite is the Deep De-Stress oil, which is meant for aching muscles, but I find the gingery, herby scent most invigorating!

For a shower treat that’s a little more traditional in style, I’ve also been using No7 Shower Oil, which claims to foam gently. Personally, I find it foams barely at all (even on a shower puff), but the scent is nice, it leaves my skin silky soft, and it cleans admirably. Plus, at a cost of £8.75, it’s a little more purse-friendly than the Aromatherapy Associates, albeit this means that there are a few synthetics in there, so I suggest you check the label before buying.

Two more weeks till bath-time!  I can’t wait.  For serious.

 The Fine Print: Some samples were provided for review purposes, and some were provided as a gift in apology for someone’s website accidentally infecting my computer with a trojan virus.  I’m not going to tell you which is which though – none of these links are infected, I’ve checked.  They’re not affilliate links, either.  The Romans used to bathe with oil, you know.