9th August 2010

Clarins Barocco Winter Collection 2010

By Get Lippie

I saw this collection on British Beauty blogger last month and thought it was Oh So Pretty! I still don’t know when it’s released (I’m assuming September-time, but if I get any more information, I’ll let you know), and I’ve been pretty desperate to get my hands on it ever since laying eyes on it!  It is so exquisitely packaged, and the black shadows and red lipstick really spoke out to me.  

Persistence pays off, and I have managed to get my grubby little fingers hands on a couple of pieces from the collection to show you, namely the aforementioned lipstick and the eyeshadow.  Some swatches and initial thoughts coming right up …  First off, the shadows:

This is a really unusual choice for Clarins, I think, I normally associate them with neutrals and pastels (possibly mistakenly) for some reason. Three baked shadows in black, blackened gilt, and pure gold, alongside the usual disposable sponge-tipped applicator – am I the only person who, on opening a new palette, immediately throws away the sponges? – in a gold case, it’s simply beautiful, and I can imagine a whole heap of smokey and dramatic looks I can create with this.

So, how does it swatch?  Well, the answer is, more sheerly than expected.  Picture below shows the shadows without primer (top), and with (bottom):

As you can see, in the top swatch, it’s very sheer, and you get just a hint of the shades from the shadows, and, depending on your point of view, this can either be a good or a bad thing.  Personally, I think that with such dramatic shades, it’s not actually a bad thing, as it means you can build up the coverage so you can get the intensity you require.  Over primer though (Trish McEvoy’s in this case), the colours intensify very nicely, and you can see the greenish-bronze shades peek through in the middle colour.  I love the way the pure-gold shade goes from slightly gritty on bare skin to gorgeously glowing over primer. There’s veru little yellow in it, so it doesn’t look brassy on the skin, which is great.  Wear is middling to average without primer, and average to good with primer.

Now for the lipstick:

Again, beautifully packaged with the signature baroque swirls of this collection’s packaging, the lipstick appears, in the bullet, to be a rather brownish, wine-y sort of colour, but on the skin it appears a lot brighter than expected, and a touch cooler than you might think from the colour in the tube.  I love it.

Apologies for the horrifically out of focus lip shot!  It’s a lovely moisturising formula that lasts really well – no ring of doom! – I really like the shade too, it’s a perfect Christmassy red, with just enough brown in it to not make me look a little clownish.  It’s one of the new Rouge Prodige formulas, and I’ve had no problems with it, it has a slightly floral scent (in the traditional Clarins style), but I don’t find it too overpowering.

I know it’s a bit mad to be showing you a winter collection in the middle of August, but I’m just so excited about being on the cusp of red lipstick weather again!