16th August 2010

Nail of the Day: Chanel Paradoxal

By Get Lippie

Yes, you may have seen this on a few blogs already, but if you know me, you know I have a hard time resisting Chanel, and I love my murky shades.  So, when Chanel bring out a range of murky shades, I’m in there.  Totally!  Paradoxal is a grey with purple shimmer, but depending on the angle you get either a purple-grey shade, or a pinkish-purple shade with a grey background.  Compare the above and below pictures:

Because Paradoxal is a creme-finish, once it’s on the nail, the shimmer hides somewhat, and you get a grey nail, with just the very tiniest amount of shimmer (sometimes referred to in blogger circles as a “hidden shimmer”) that only shows at certain angles and in certain lights.

The pic above is how the shade will appear in most lights – a lightly pinked grey, with just a hint of brown in the base shade.  I like it a lot.  If you shift your fingers around a little though, you can pick up the shimmer a little:

It may help if you enlarge the pic, but there is a definite hint of the shimmer on the little finger and around the outer edges of the ring and index finger.  You have to hunt for it though!

I liked a great deal of the rest of Chanel’s autumn range too, much to the salesperson’s delight, and I’ll be showing you some of that later this week, but tomorrow I’ll be showing you a cheaper dupe of Paradoxal, which isn’t from Model’s Own …

Have you picked up any of the new Chanel collection, or are you all purpled out?