23rd September 2010


By Get Lippie

Yes, I’m showing you my drawers today, for today is the day I downsize my makeup, toiletries and haircare collection prior to the “Big Move” next week.

I’ve just realised that seven of the drawers in this chest (plus the top of it, plus the ikea, um … thingy downstairs, plus a couple of shelves in the wardrobe and a plastic crate in the bathroom) are full of my beauty products.

I’ve always been a beauty hoarder, my rooms are filled with products I treasure, and cannot bear to be parted with, stuff I like that I’m going to use again on a semi-regular basis and stuff I’m not sure about but I’m convinced will “come in handy” one day …

Now, as I’m moving to a flat with less storage space than I currently enjoy, my challenge to myself is to GET RID OF SOME OF IT!  But my question to you is how?  Where do I start? Naturally, I’ll be giving most of the rejects to friends, but only after throwing out some of the more venerable (elderly/disgusting) items.  No blog sales, here, sorry! 

If you had to cut down your stash by half (say) what would you get rid of?  And, what, out of your collection, would you absolutely not be parted with under any circumstances whatsoever?

I need some inspiration, peeps!