12th October 2010

Le Metier de Beaute – Le Cirq Kaleidoscope

By Get Lippie

This is the latest limited edition kaleidoscope palette from Le Metier de Beaute and it’s currently available from Selfridges.  I finally saw it in the flesh last week and simply couldn’t resist snapping it up.  Costing £65, it consists of (from top to bottom) a glorious almost duo-chrome grey/stone (Flamboyantes), a mauvish-taupe (Spectacle), burgundy (Enrichissant) , and a great matte purple/navy (Dynamique) at the bottom.

The top three shades are gloriously soft and blendable, and the matte blurple is very soft too, the shadows apply with no dragging or pulling, and even without a base are surprisingly long-wearing. Using the Le Metier “couches de couleurs” layering technique, you get a surprisingly wearable and unique shade, quite unlike any other effect.  I adore this palette.

I also had a look at the Le Metier/Marchesa collection, and there’s a lipduo I think I have to have in La Figue/La Raisin but at £25 for two – tiny! – lipglosses, I’m afraid I couldn’t make the leap into paying for it.  The Marchesa compacts are deeply pretty, but I avoid mixed (powder and cream) palettes like the plague, finding them too prone to giving you sticky powders and powdery creams after a while in usage, not pretty, and not nice.

I adore the Le Cirque palette, however, if you decide to splurge make sure you check your palette carefully.  When I unwrapped mine, I noticed there was a ding in the burgundy:

I wasn’t happy.  Then when I went to use the shade properly, I saw that the shadow was damaged even more badly than I fiirst thought:

 (Click to enlarge)

I’d have been miffed – yes, miffed! – enough if this had happened with something costing a tenner, but in a palette costing £65?  Not cool.  Not cool at all…