27th January 2011

Cult Beauty: Live at Selfridges

By Get Lippie

Odd though it may seem, I’m not – actually – a big fan of makeup shopping online.  I like to see, touch, swatch and even smell the products I’m buying!  Also, when I decide I want something, I want it RIGHT NOW. None of which is possible from the comfort of your laptop, alas …

Despite that, I do, occasionally buy things from beauty websites – usually things which are difficult/impossible to find on the high street – and one of the best ones I’ve visited is Cult Beauty. I do love their well thought out selection, and it’s a nicely laid out site too.

So, with my dislike of online cosmetics shopping, and my love of Cult Beauty, I’m delighted that the CB girls are launching a pop-up shop in one of my real-life favourite stores, Selfridges (honestly, I’d move in, if I could), today!  Hoorah! I’ll finally be able to do all the swatching and sniffing of their amazing stock that I need to before, no doubt,  handing over a goodly part of this month’s salary for whatever it is I decide I can’t live without today

The shop opens 27th Jan, and will be at Selfridges until Monday 31st January. For more details please click this link (and get yourself a nice little voucher for some freebies!)

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