22nd February 2011

Beauty Resolutions

By Get Lippie

As beauty bloggers go, I’m a bit of a scruff. Okay, a lot of a scruff.  Oh, and I’m a bit lazy too.  If there’s a choice between an extra ten minutes in bed, and giving myself a blow-dry in the morning, I’ll take the ten minutes in bed, and go to work with wet hair.

Yes, I have no shame.  But I will always make the time to at least put some mascara on, I’ve no wish to scare the kiddiwinks on my walk to the tube … (too often)

But no more!  Alongside my Project Perfume, I’ve decided that this is the year that Get Lippie Gets Groomed*.  No more fluffy eyebrows.  No more leaving my hair six months in-between getting coloured.  No more chipped nail varnish.  No more letting my toes go unpedicured for months on end (MrLippie’s going to love this, I make him paint my toenails for reasons I won’t go into on here again) No more letting my leg hair grow so long I could plait it .  Actually, that last one is a lie, but the sentiment is still there. So, to that end, I’m enlisting some of my favourite salons and services to help keep me in shape.

To wit: I’ve just booked myself a course of ten eyebrow shapes at Browhaus because it cost £100 instead of £150 (and I could pay in two instalments of £50!) and Ellie at the Covent Garden branch is practically the only person I’ll trust near my eyebrows these days.  I’ll be regularly visiting Equus in Knightsbridge to sort out my colour with Jack, and get some wonderful blow-dries from David Evans, who has just joined the team. He kindly sorted me out with a gorgeous swishy do for London Fashion Week over the weekend, which garnered a lot of compliments.  He’s a bargain at £65 for a cut and blow dry too – make sure you book now for your Royal Wedding ‘do (don’t tell me you’re not considering one), as they’re getting booked up already … I’ve already mentioned I’m sorting out teeth whitening recently, but more about that next week …

As for stuff I can do myself  (what do you mean I can pluck my own eyebrows?  Have you seen the havoc I could wreak with a pair of tweezers?) I’m going to paint my nails at least twice a week, and I’m going to start having regular facials too. Sometimes I’ll have them at home with my INSANE collection of skincare, and sometimes I’ll try out facials from other places as well, but I’ll talk about that another day this week. 

I shall still, however, stick to my policy of only wearing black sacks, flat shoes and cardigans.  Well, us accountants have to live down to image somehow …

So, what else should one consider when going on a grooming regime?

*Not like that .

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