30th March 2011

Time for a heated debate!

By Get Lippie

In my spare time – you know, the time I get in between working twelvety million hours a week, and the time I spend blogging – I also moderate a debate forum.  I know, I’m a sucker for punishment.

There was a debate recently about women in positions of power, and someone suggested that the only reason women wear makeup is to attract men.  And that women who go out whilst wearing makeup and reject advances made to them by men are “ball-breakers”.  Here are his actual words:

Has anyone ever noticed that there are allot of women in  {…} who will spend literally hours on their hair and make-up…wear hundreds of dollars worth of clothing and expensive perfumes…go out to a dance bar and…

SIT in groups of women, chatting and so on, while every so often a guy will make his sorry-ass way over to their table and ask one to dance. Can you guess the answer he gets more often than not? Sure ya can…

“No thanks…hehehe…” 

I pointed out that there are many reasons to wear makeup:

… women do not {solely} wear makeup to attract men. There are almost as many reasons to wear makeup as there are people wearing makeup. … neither is it only women who wear cosmetics.  

To which the response was:

Now: “women do not wear makeup to attract men” To which I have to say, that unless the women in question happens to be a lesbian…then Bull S**t! Please…that’s just silly. Women wear make-up in order to enhance their appearance and attract a mate…of either sex. Just as these men you speak of who also wear make-up…do so for the same reason. I’ll admit there may be the odd exception, but please…its the same thing with jewelry, hair-do’s, cloths even. I think that’s rather self-evident.

(all spelling mistakes theirs)

So, I was wondering what my readers thought?  Is it self-evident that the only reason people wear cosmetics is to make them more attractive to potential partners? Why do you wear makeup?  

Personally, I think the existence of charities such as Look Good Feel Better disproves his entire theory – not to mention the fact that women who have  partners don’t immediately stop wearing makeup, which, if his theory is to be believed, is what would happen naturally.  But I want to  know what you think, please let me know in the comments, thanks!


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