8th April 2011

Got Lippie?

By Get Lippie

I love lipstick.

And these pictures, dear ladies and gents are the explanation as to why Get Lippie is called what it is:

A slightly closer look:

And one with a standard-sized paperback book added for scale:

I had written a whole essay to go with this, but … meh.  I will just say two things: One, that this isn’t entirely them all (every girl has a bag full of lipstick in the house that they can’t find, right?  RIGHT?), and the collection is about half the size it was two/three years ago (my loss is various housemates and Give & Makeup’s gain!)  and:  two, I bought fully 95% of these.

See any of your favourites?

The Fine Print:  I could have bought a HOUSE with what I’ve spent on lipstick in the last 25 years.  A HOUSE.  Okay, maybe a car.  But defnitely a nice holiday.

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