31st May 2011

MUFE Smoky Lash Mascara Review

By Get Lippie

 I am utterly invisible without mascara, more and more these days I realise that it truly is my desert island beauty product.  Well, if you ignored lipstick, foundation and skincare it would be …


I’ve heard some amazing things about Makeup Forever’s Smoky Lash mascara, but the name – and the difficulty of actually getting hold of it – has always put me off.  For some reason, I thought it would be a not particularly pigmented mascara, or it would be more grey than black. Any mascara that isn’t black just makes my lashes look dusty, and disappear, and are a complete waste of money, no matter how good the formula. Nonetheless, on my trip to Paris recently (sorry, I’ll stop going on about it soon, I promise), picking up a tube of this was absolutely top of my Sephora shopping list.

And boy!  Am I glad I picked it up.  It’s black – very, very, very black – it lengthens, it adds volume and it curls my lashes beautifully, and all without going crispy.

These are my lashes after just one coat of Smoky Lash.  Not impressed?  Here’s how it looks in comparison to having no mascara on the other eye:

See?  The lashes on my other eye are completely invisible, even though I’m wearing both shadow and liner on that eye.

Another view:

Difference isn’t quite as distinct from this angle, but you can see that you can’t see the lashes on the other eye … if you see what I mean …

The mascara lasts well, and is very easily buildable if you decide you need more than one coat.  I found that the clumping was minimal, and it neither runs nor flakes throughout the day, which is completely amazing.  It’s a rather dry formula, which I prefer to a wetter one, and the brush is on the large side, but it’s not so large as to be completely unmanageable.

And here is how it looks in the full context of my face.  Other products used are Le Metier’s Penelope Kaleidoscope shadows on the eyes, Peau Vierge on the skin, New ID coral blush and Dior’s spinning lip polish in Fresh Expert on my lips – expect little peeks at these a lot coming up.  Yeah, I don’t know why I’m raising one eyebrow in that picture either, but it’s the only one that came out in focus, so …

Makeup Forever Smoky Lash has rocketed up my list of favourite mascaras, and is currently up in my top five alongside Armani Eyes to Kill, Trish McEvoy High Volume (which I think they’ve changed the formula of on recent re-purchase), Bourjois Volume Fast and Perfect Rotating Mascara  and Le Metier’s Anamorphic Mascara.  What are your top mascaras?

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