12th June 2011

Holiday Preparation with Get Lippie

By Get Lippie

Oh, I’ve got a whole week of holiday themed stuff coming up – prior to my being away on the Algarve for a fortnight from next week! – but I thought I’d start with my holiday manicure:

Two coats of Essie Geranium. A bright – bright! orange. I’ve never worn orange nails so bright, but I have to say I’m loving this:

Even on my freakishly pale pinky blue hands this works.

I keep catching sight of them and being surprised, as this is a big difference to my usual shades.

It’s practically neon in the flesh, and not nearly as red as it appears in these pics. It has an exceptionally shiny jelly finish, which is why after two coats you can still see a hint of visible nail line, but it’s a very cheery shade, and it’s perfect for getting into the holiday spirit!

One last shot for luck:

You can see how the light plays with the shade here. The colour on the thumb shows it is actually ORANGE

The Fine Print: manicure courtesy of Equus Hair, where I was a paying customer