14th July 2011

Nail of the Day – Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess

By Get Lippie

Couldn’t resist a bit of this gorgeous metallic bronze shade from Estee Lauder to compliment my newly tanned hands when I got home last week!

Shimmering, and packed with multi-coloured flecks, this is a perfect compliment to any tan – and, it’s not so brown that it’ll look odd on paler skin, either.

Copper in some lights, bronze in others, but very elegant, and – for me at least – very different to a lot of my other polishes.

(No idea what I’m doing with my fingers here)

Wears like iron, too.  I wore this for four days straight without getting a single chip, or even any tipwear, but then I got distracted in the office and accidentally covered it in Sharpie so had to remove it.

Bronze Goddess is part of the annual limited edition summer collection from Estee Lauder, called … um … “Bronze Goddess” and should still be available on counters now, the nail varnishes cost around £14, but they last forever, have stylish bottles, and well, I like them.  So there.

The Fine Print: PR sample.  From about four months ago.  Bad blogger.

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