8th August 2011

Estee Lauder Modern Mercury Collection

By Get Lippie

Another glorious autumn collection this week, this time from the wonderously talented Tom Pecheux, the Creative Director of Estee Lauder.  Modern Mercury is a lovely collection of sludge.  If you’re a sludge-lover like what I am, them this is the collection for you.  There are three eyeshadow duos, three liquid liners, a nail polish, and three new matte lipsticks.  Here are my picks:

Yep, I picked out the taupe eyeshadow duo (“Platinums”), but in my defence, the other two duos would be less usable for me – Modern Mercury itself is a white and a dark blue, and Black Chrome is a black and dark blue.  Both beautiful in their way, but not for me – in this duo the white has a micro-shimmer, and the taupe is a lovely cool greyed mink shade.  I don’t think I’ll get much use out of the slightly chalky white, but the taupe will be very useful.

There is a set of three new formula lipsticks released too, Estee Lauder have finally released their first matte shades, they are a red, a fuschia and a nude.  In my goody bag at the launch recently, I was given the nude:

Whilst it’s not the shade I’d have picked from the three (I look like Death in it), the formulation is satiny and rich with pigment.  There’s a good chance I’ll be buying the red one in the near future.  Oh, and the pink.

And now onto my complete and utter must-haves from the collection, the eyeliners and the nail varnish:

I am obsessed with green nail varnish, and this is a beauty.  A lightly bronzed khaki, this flows like butter onto the nail, and it wears really well too.  I immediately went out and bought this as soon as the collection hit counter, as I know it’s going to be really popular.  I’m still wearing it now.

And so onto the eyeliners, which I adore:

 Again, three shades, Graphite, a sparkling grey, Silver Zinc, which is a platinum-taupe shade and Black Quartz, which is a sparkling black:

The shades are soft and subtle, but with enough pigment to be visible, and just a hint of sparkle in each to catch the light, and flatter your eyes.  I was so impressed with Graphite that I went and bought the black and silver shades too.  I’ve just noticed that Silver Zinc is sold out online though, so if you want this one – and it is a beautiful shade that I think will be flattering on many skin tones – you’ll have to hustle down to your local stockist very soon.  They have a flexible point on the brush end, and they’re very easy to control.  Super longlasting too.  Some swatches on my hand lasted for over 24 hours!

Modern Mercury is available now, and prices range from £14-£28.  There’s a highlighter too, which is a lovely rose-gold, but … I didn’t think I’d get much use out of it, so I’ve passed on it.  I have an inkling I’m going to regret that in about a week, but them’s the breaks …

What stands out for you?

The Fine Print: A mixture of PR samples, and purchases. Lauder group have my bank details on record these days.
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