30th August 2011

More Chanel Nails – Graphite, Quartz and Peridot

By Get Lippie

I am nothing if not predictable, for, after my last Chanel post, I did indeed go out and add Graphite and Quartz to my collection:

I’d initially disregarded Quartz and Graphite as not being unique enough, but, on discovering that Peridot was possibly slightly … um … too unique for me, I thought I’d pick them up anyway.  And I’m glad I did, because they’re both very lovely.

 Graphite is a speckled grey foil, with hints of silver, grey, and green.  It’s very sheer on application, but covers nicely.  Here, I used two coats, with no topcoat:

No word of a lie, this is similar to OPI’s Glitzerland, but it’s slightly greener, and leans more pewter than silver.  I like it a lot, but there was still a lot of visible nail line, and I could probably have done with a third coat.

I surprised myself for really falling for Quartz:

A soft pearlised taupe, with a fine silver shimmer running through it, this is really lovely:

I was delighted to see that under the right lighting conditions, Quartz has a multi-coloured micro-shimmer.  Sadly, because I am a photographic doofus, I couldn’t recreate the lighting in-camera, though I kept trying:

It’s not quite how it appears under the right lighting, but it’s close.  Under most lights, it just appears a nice pearly taupe, not quite as grey as it appears in the bottle.

And, because I’m a completist, and I know a few of my readers are too, here’s Peridot, once more (but just once):

And there you have it.  The sad, sad signs of a makeup addict …

The Fine Print: Purchases.  Sweet, sweet, purchases.   
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