15th August 2011

What’s In My Kryolan Train Case?

By Get Lippie

I frequently get asked about my makeup storage, so I thought I’d finally acquiesce and show (some) of it to you. Last week, I finally splashed out and bought myself a medium Kryolan train case from Charles Fox, and I am absolutely loving my new precious:

As you can see, it’s a top-opening case, and it’s lockable.  Inside there are two layers of shelves with a variety of storage compartments, and in the bottom section, there are six spaces for bulkier products.  Would you like to see inside?  Oh, who am I kidding, like there’s a chance in heck I’m not showing you what’s in here:

It’s currently filled with a selection of old favourites, and products that have made it in there for testing (if you enlarge the picture by clicking on it, you’ll be able to see the contents in a great more detail).  You’ll notice that it’s decidedly foundation, eye makeup and blusher-heavy.  That’s because I keep my lipsticks separate, as there are so many of them! I realised, quite early on, that if I filled this with lipsticks there would very soon be no room for anything else … I actually have a section empty at the top right there, and I’m wondering what to fill it with!

So, these are the products I currently reach for day-to-day basis (shade spotters will see a lot of taupe.  I’m nothing if not predictable), and the rest of my collection resides elsewhere, in other receptacles, I’ll show you these over the next couple of weeks.

A couple of thoughts about the case itself first though: mainly, this is heavy, even when empty, it must weigh a good couple of kilos, when filled it must weigh the best part of four kilos, or almost ten pounds.  It’s a pretty hefty bit of kit.  The top shelves are very shallow, you only really have room to pile up two compacts on top of each other, but you can very the size of the compartments very well, as you can see I did to fit in some pencils and mascaras.  These shallow pans aren’t padded at all though, so I’d worry about things getting damaged in here if they were knocking around in transit.  As the only transit I’m planning to take this on is moving it to the bathroom in the new flat I’m moving to in a couple of weeks, this isn’t an issue for me, but it might be for someone using this professionally.

I like the bottom compartments though, they’re surprisingly deep, even fitting in my Burberry foundation, which is one of the tallest cosmetic bottles in my collection. They’re very well padded too, and items tend to stay put.  It’s not tall enough for hair care products though, but you’d be able to get a fair bit of skincare in there if you wished.  

My Kryolan Train Case came from Charles Fox in Covent Garden, and cost £55.   

The Fine Print: I bought the case, but the contents are a mixture of purchases and PR samples.  Now, what to go in the empty section …?

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