6th September 2011

Tom Ford Indian Rose Lipstick – Swatches & Comparisons

By Get Lippie

So, yesterday, I said I bought Scarlet Rouge and Indian Rose.  Today I’ll show you Indian Rose in depth.  A rosy nude shade, with almost invisible (on the lips) micro shimmer,  Indian Rose is a little easier for me to wear than the old nude shades in the private collection range of lipsticks, a lot of which leaned a little too beige for them to be easily wearable for a lot of people, if you ask me.

Indian Rose is very similar in appearance to Pink Dusk (which is still available in the new line-up), but it’s a little darker, and a little less beige when swatched:

With Flash

No Flash

As you can see, in the bullet, Indian Rose appears just a tad darker, and has a hint of shimmer that Pink Dusk lacks.  In the swatches, however, the difference is a little more pronounced:

It is definitely pinker, and darker, and the shimmer adds a bit more depth to the shade, but it’s not really a “shimmer” shade, as such.   Also, it’s definitely still a nude, even though it appears very dark on my skin here.  The lip swatches show this better:

I admit that I do, at times, find Pink Dusk difficult to wear, if my makeup isn’t exactly right, the slightly yellow base to the shade can make me look a bit “corpse-y”, so Indian Rose is a good addition to my collection, as it’ll be a little more neutral, and thus a little more versatile.

The new formula appears to be just as creamy as the old, and is just as pigmented.  This makes me happy.

The Fine Print: Purchase.

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