8th December 2011

Paris Purchases: Guerlain Hiver en Russie

By Get Lippie

No trip to Paris is complete without a trip to Guerlain.  And, no trip to Guerlain is complete without a purchase, come to that. This time I wanted to make my souvenir very special, something I can’t find in the UK, and the ladies of the Champs Elysée did me proud on this trip:

The gift wrapping in store is exquisite, it was heartbreaking to have to unwrap this. So what is it? (some of you might already have guessed, from the title of the post, I’m aware)

Can you tell what it is yet? 

 How about now?

That’s right, it’s a candle.  But oh my, what a candle.  Guerlain have four scents, and for me it was toss-up between this one and Bois des Indes (Indian Woods), but after sniffing several times, I finally settled for Hiver en Russie (Russian Winter), as it is full of incense and is heady with myrrh, making it, for me a perfect candle for the darker months.

I think it will make a perfect pairing with my Tom Ford Tuscan Leather candle (oddly, both are black candles) for a smoke-y intoxicating scent for the winter evenings.  I can’t wait to light them both together.

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