31st January 2012

Tom Ford Titanium Smoke Eyeshadow Quad

By Get Lippie

 I said in my last Tom Ford quad review that I’d be happy to get more if they were a lower price, and, when this quad popped up on Buyapowa recently, I jumped at the chance to pick it up for the “bargain” price of £50 + P&P, quite a considerable saving of the counter price of £62!

This post, however, isn’t so much a review – it only turned up on Saturday, and I’ve not worn it yet – but more an excuse for some eyeshadow porn, and some initial impressions.  So here goes:

Same gorgeous packaging as always (I’m going to be knackered taking pictures at my desk when that tree blossoms in spring, I can tell), but what colour does Titanium Smoke contain?

Clockwise from top left, you have a champagne glitter shade, a satin-grey, a sparkling charcoal, and a dark matte charcoal shade.  This is a dramatic palette, but, on swatching, I think it’s a little more versatile than it might appear on first glance. Take a look:

Seen straight on

Tilted slightly to show the sheen in the shades

Initial impressions are that this is a great palette.  Shades are shown here swatched on bare skin with a dry brush.  Again, the glitter is difficult to get to show up, but the other shades?  Wow.  I especially love the grey, which is actually a surprisingly complex taupe on the skin, as opposed to the slightly dull grey I thought it was!  And the sparkly charcoal is actually very wearable, I think.  Possibly not office appropriate, but as someone who has just bought sequinned Uggs (and is planning on buying a second pair) specifically to wear to work, I really don’t think I’m the person best placed to comment on appropriateness.  Or not.

Here’s a close up of all the colours:

Overall first impression is very favourable, looking forward to updating on this one.

One last look at the palette – with flash this time:

Very happy so far! Next on my wishlist: Burnished Amber.

The Fine Print: Purchase, via Buyapows, which I was very impressed with, actually.  More on that subject anon.

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