19th March 2012

Fashionista Double Take Long Wear Lipstick

By Get Lippie

I’m always interested in lipsticks, and when Fashionista asked me to take a look at their new range of longlasting lipsticks, I was intrigued.  I don’t – these days – venture too often into Superdrug for my lipstick needs, and I thought it would be good to see what’s on the market these days.  Fashionista sent me five shades:

And, I have to say I was very impressed with the packaging, the boxes look nicely done:

I like the flashes of red on the packaging, it marks them out a little bit without being too obnoxious.

Let’s just ignore the upside down one, shall we?

And I really like the metallic red cases the lipsticks are housed in, they’re flashy, but very pretty.  They don’t feel like the most robust packaging in the world, but at £7 each, these aren’t half bad.

The colours appear pretty true to their labelling:

Cinnamon is a neutral brown, Babydoll Pink is a very pastel pink, with a lot of white in the base, Buff is a very pale caramel shade, Red Carpet is a nice scarlet shade, and Coral has more than a little hint of tangerine in there.

First off, if you know me and my choice in lipsticks at all, you’ll know straight away that Babydoll Pink and Buff are colours I’d never wear in a million years, as they’re just too white in the base, and that just makes me look dead.  Other people love these shades, but, Cinnamon, Red Carpet and Coral are far more wearable for me.

On swatching, the pigments are deep and intense, the feel is creamy, and there is no dragging. The swatch pics show just two passes over skin:

They’re not totally matte, having a slight satin-y finish, which I’m sure wouldn’t dry your lips out too much.

As for the wear claims – do they last longer than normal lipsticks?  Well, I can’t answer that question, because I couldn’t, in all honesty, bring myself to wear the lipsticks.  Why?  Well, because of the smell.  

I think there’s a very artificial vanilla flavouring in the mix, which, alongside the very “waxy” scent of the lipsticks generally (the smell reminds me a great deal of MAC lipsticks, which I can’t wear too well either) conspired to give me a massive headache whilst I was swatching them.  This won’t bother a lot of people, indeed, scented lipsticks don’t normally bother me that much, but it’s just this particular scent I didn’t get along with.

So, my most recent experiment into “drugstore” lipsticks has ended in failure.  Have you tried these?  How did you get along?

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