29th May 2012

Chafing? “Chub rub”? Blisters? Have I got a miracle cure for you …

By Get Lippie

Hot weather is great, isn’t it?  Sandals are wonderful, aren’t they?  Skimpy clothes are simply marvellous, don’t you think?

Well, not if you are prone to chafing, or have wobbly bits that like to rub together, or your sandals have eaten your feet. Sandals are evil.  I hate them.  They hate you, as well.

Last year I wrote about Bodyglide, and I think it’s time to mention it again, and it is, quite frankly, the wonder product of the century if you’ve ever had chafing or blisters.

Go check out my original review here.  Then buy some.  You can thank me later.  G’wan … you know you want to …

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