29th June 2012

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis À Lèvres or Glossy Lip Stains

By Get Lippie


I’m months behind on reviewing these, there was a lot of blog-love for these a few months ago, and, I can’t deny it, I’m underwhelmed with them.  A bit.  The shades are lovely, and I adore the applicators, but … I just can’t get them to stain my lips for love nor money.

According to Twitter, it’s my fault for making poor colour choices, but … heck, I don’t want to take the blame for a product not working on me, frankly! I have shades 3 (Brun Cachemire), 12 (Corail Fauve) and 5 (Rouge Vintage).

On initial application, the shades are beautiful, even the brown, which I usually find difficult to wear.  This is thanks to it’s purple undertones, which you should be able to see here:

So, we have a brown, a coral, and a pinky-red.  I love the shades, and I love how they look on my lips.  Some people have reported that they’re very drying, I’ve never particularly had that problem with them, but this is my problem with them:

Can you see the stains?  No?  Me neither.  They are there though, I promise you.  These are billed as a glossy lip stain, I get the gloss, which I love, and I adore how pigmented they are, but I find they fade unevenly, and … well … the stain part is just non-existent!

How did you get on with YSL glossy lipstains?

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