31st July 2012

Perfect Eyelashes – Lash Extensions

By Get Lippie

 A couple of weeks ago I was taking part in a top-secret project that necessitated getting some eyelash extensions (long story, don’t ask – seriously, don’t ask) done, and I was delighted that I had a chance to visit Perfect Eyelashes in Olympia, not least of all because it’s right on my doorstep!

I love eyelash extensions, it has to be said, and Perfect Eyelashes would be my fourth set. I was looking forward to meeting Agnes dos Santos who, it has to be said, has some great ideas about lashes, in particular I love the multi-coloured lash extensions that she’s come up with this year to celebrate both the Jubilee and the Olympics.  As an accountant, red, white and blue lashes would be a little difficult for me to pull off, so I asked for full but natural lashes, in effect, my lashes but better.  As you can possibly see from the above pic, my natural lashes are quite long, and fairly curly, but are quite sparse, particularly on the right hand side.  Agnes said that this is possible because I sleep on that side, but it has ever been so.


Agnes selects a mixture of lash-lengths and curls, creating a completely bespoke look for each customer, personally, I think there is nothing worse than going somewhere for new lashes and just getting the same look the last person left with – whilst I am, in fact, a massive fan of the drag-queen look, I don’t want it every day, and the last two sets of lash-extensions that I had were a little too full-on, even for me.


The session takes around 90 minutes, and is very relaxing, the use of moisturising eyepads is a great addition to the treatment, and makes it feel more luxurious than just having your lower lashes taped down (which does happen in some salons!).


I couldn’t be happier with the way my lashes turned out, in the couple of weeks following, I got asked lots of questions about what mascara I was wearing, which is a great compliment to how natural and yet still glamorous these lashes looked!  Also, they were practically weightless on the eyes, I literally couldn’t feel them at all, which was a massive relief, the set I’d had previously I’d practically ended up ripping them off my lashes just after a week after they’d been applied, they were so heavy and itchy on the skin – I hated them!  It’s why you haven’t seen a review of them …


Out of the four sets of lash-extensions I’ve had so far, I have to say that these are by far my favourite, weightless, glamorous, and yet still natural looking, I loved them, and I’d go back to Perfect Eyelashes in a heartbeat.  It’s a clean, bright, welcoming salon and Agnes is a lash-genius.  I’ll be getting these done for my wedding, without a shadow of a doubt.

Perfect Eyelashes have a variety of lash extensions to suit all requirements, and prices start at £80.

The Fine Print: Get Lippie was a guest of Perfect Eyelashes, but will return as a paying customer.

PS If you’re wondering about my eyebrows, I’ll be revealing the secret of those soon too.

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