19th September 2012

SLiNK Magazine is out now!

By Get Lippie

Posts are thin on the ground this week, I know, but normal service will be resumed shortly, I promise.

If you’ve missed me at all  in the meantime (and if not, WHY NOT, eh? Eh?) then you can read the latest issue of SLiNK Magazine, which also happens to be my first full issue as beauty editor!  I’m super-excited about it (totes!) and hope you will like what I’ve done.  The next issue – which is the Beauty issue – will be even bigger, better and brighter, I promise. It had better be, I’ve been working like a Trojan on it for the last couple of months, with the help of a few other people, and some “celebrity guests”!

Click the picture or the SLiNK link to go through and buy the magazine:

It’s meant to look like this – got any 3D goggles handy?  Put ’em on now!

My especial thanks go to both Caroline Hirons and Jack Howard for their help in getting this issue together, thanks, guys. You rock.

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